3.20.15 | Barnes & Noble Review   

Some nice words for American Ghost from Barnes & Noble Review:

Though the digital age may be an impediment to our relationships with the living, its tools are simultaneously connecting us to those on the other side. Through the speed and convenience of the Internet, researching one’s family tree has become easier than ever. In her book American Ghost, Hannah Nordhaus, author of The Beekeeper’s Lament, hopes to use any tools at her disposal to discover whether or not her great-great-grandmother Julia is indeed haunting the Santa Fe hotel she once called home.  | READ MORE

3.11.15 | “Habits Interview” with Gretchen Rubin   

Gretchen Rubin is author of The Happiness Project and the upcoming Better than Before, and is an authority on all things habits and happiness. I spoke with her last month about my own habits: good, bad, and ugly. Now the entire world knows that I crack my knuckles and am a cheap drunk. And also, how much my great-grandmother Julia Staab affected how I try to live my life. | READ MORE

3.10.15 | Launch Day – wish me luck!   

American Ghost comes out today, along with reviews from the Boston Globe and Minneapolis Star Tribune. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book, now’s your chance, PLEASE BUY NOW!

3.2.15 | Forgive Yourself  

The American Scholar asked me to write an essay recalling one piece of advice that was most helpful to my writing career. I wrote about Mrs. Bluitt, my fifth-grade gifted-and-talented teacher. She died two decades ago, but she towered huge over my development as a writer, and as a person. Here’s what I wrote. | READ MORE

2.13.15 | Elle Magazine  

Elle Magazine’s March Issue includes a lovely review of American Ghost. “It’s ironic,” writes Elyse Moody, “that the Santa Fe, New Mexico, hotel occupying journalist and historian Hannah Nordhaus’ ancestral home is named La Posada, or “place of rest,” since no one who stays there seems to get any.” | READ MORE

2.3.15 | American Ghost Sneak Peak on Scribd 

What? You can’t wait until March 10 to see what American Ghost is all about? Lucky for you! My publisher, HarperCollins, has posted the book’s first chapter on Scribd.

You can read it here.

1.20.15 | Local Author Q&As

On my last book tour, I spent a lot of time standing alone at a podium, talking about myself and my book. But my favorite part was always the Q&A with the audience at the end, when I was far less scripted and the audience far more engaged.

So during this book tour, I decided to skip directly to the Q&A as much as possible … | READ MORE

1.05.15 | Library Journal Review 

Library Journal gave American Ghost a very nice review, and a star. Here’s what they said:

“Nordhaus follows her successful The Beekeeper’s Lament with the astonishing story of her great-great-grandmother Julia Schuster Staab… | READ MORE

12.18.14 | American Ghost in EW’s 2015 Preview Issue

Entertainment Weekly has named American Ghost one of “20 Books We’ll Read in 2015,” along with books by Toni Morrison, Patti Smith, Kate Atkinson, Erik Larson, Jonathan Franzen, and oh, also, Willie Nelson. | READ MORE

12.05.14 | Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Publishers Weekly gave American Ghost a starred review! Hooray! “Journalist Nordhaus…embarks on a ‘ghost hunt’ for her great-great-grandmother, German immigrant Julia Schuster Staab,” the review said, “in this unique collision of family history, Wild West adventure, and ghost story…. | READ MORE

11.30.14 | Book Tour Dates Are Set

Looks like we’ve got the American Ghost book tour dates all set! I’ll start, fittingly, in New Mexico, then head back to my current hometown of Boulder, then to my former hometown of Washington D.C., then Denver, San Francisco and Auburn, Calif. | READ MORE

12.6.14 | A Starred Review from Booklist

A nice (starred) review from Booklist. Though the review does quibble with my (spoiler alert) “lack of solid conclusions” as to whether or not ghosts are real and whether Julia Staab is one of them, this is my favorite review so far. | READ MORE